AQUA: Biodiversity in the Oceans

16 990 Ft

Create biodiverse habitats to attract life to your coral reef!

  • IMMERSE YOUR FAMILY IN OCEANIC WONDER in AQUA. This captivating board game for 1-4 players, unfolds the beauty of the ocean through diverse game play; solo and competitive modes included.
  • CREATE VIBRANT CORAL HABITATS; Start with a hot spot and expand your coral formations to foster biodiverse habitats for small marine animals. Grow the best corals to attract the largest sea creatures and secure victory.
  • STRATEGIC GAME PLAY IN 3 PHASES: Enjoy each turn’s dynamic flow in clockwise order – Grow Coral, Create Habitats & Reefs (attract Small Animals), and Establish Biodiversity (possibly attract Large Animals).
  • Stunning artwork by Vincent Dutrait brings the ocean to Life: AQUA’s visually striking design showcases the ocean’s diversity, enhancing your gaming experience. Revel in the vibrant colors and intricate details that make every round visually engaging.





  • 1-4 játékos részére
  • 8 éves kortól
  • kb 30-45 perc játékidő
  • Angol nyelvű szabály a dobozban
  • Jellemzők:




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