✅ BADLAND Wolves

15 990 Ft

Az falkakavezér elpusztult, vajon ki lesz a legalkalmasabb arra, hogy vezesse a falkát, ki lesz az új alfahím?

Guided by the law of Tooth & Claw, the wolves now fight for the crown!

In this card-driven strategy game, you and your friends make up the Badland Wolf Pack. The old Alpha has died; guided by the law of Tooth and Claw, it’s every wolf for themselves as you compete to be crowned the new Alpha of the Badlands. To gain the allegiance of the pack, players will lead and join dangerous hunts for scrap cards that will be used in battles for each other’s loyalty tokens. The first wolf to capture enough loyalties for the allegiance of the pack will win the game.


To lead a HUNT on your turn, you must risk a loyalty token you hold (other wolves may join in the hunt by doing the same). Once the hunting group is determined, the lead hunter draws a hunt card and resolves the outcome of the hunt by deciding how to allocate the SCRAPS among the hunting party. But beware! These hunts are dangerous depending on the animal you encounter and can end with stolen loyalties, lost scraps, and more!

SCRAPS are action cards that are collected and shared as the spoils of successful hunts. Instead of leading a hunt on your turn, you can attack another wolf with your scrap cards in order to capture one of their loyalty tokens; however, they can also defend themselves using their own scrap hand.

Capturing three of a player’s five loyalty tokens will make them ALLEGIANT to you and unlock in-game benefits. The first player to hold the allegiance of two other wolves will win the game and be crowned Alpha of the Badland pack!



  • 3-5 játékos részére
  • 12 éves kortól
  • kb 30 perc játékidő
  • Angol nyelvű szabály a dobozban!
  • Magyar szabály hamarosan!
  • Jellemzők: kaland, kártyajáték, harc, akció/események, tárgyalás – farkasfalka témában



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