CLAIM KINGDOMS – Royal Edition

9 990 Ft

…olyan a játék, mintha a Small World-be az összes kiegészítőt beletették volna…

You rule over a small region in a deserted corner of the kingdom. It is time to change that and expand your influence. You travel across the land and try to convince the different factions to join your side. Play the game of domination wisely, win enough factions for your course and you will soon rule over the kingdom!

Claim Kingdoms Royal Edition is an updated extended version with over 30 unique factions. The game gets even more challenging with the War Maps having special action fields which have new abilities. Will the Farm work in your favour or are you gonna lose points? Especially at the ruins, you don’t know which treasure you will find.
Claim Kingdoms Royal Edition has an easy setup: Choose your factions, put the number of war maps equal to the number of players on the table and the battle of power can begin! What is your strategy to win over the different factions?




  • 231 faction cards
  • 9 treasure cards
  • 64 wooden followers
  • 4 player aids
  • 5 double sided war maps
  • 1 scoreboard
  • 4 score tokens
  • rules


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