27 990 Ft

Our once great Empire was struck by a devastating plague… Will you answer the call to save it?

Once standing tall and great, we now need to rediscover and rebuild our fallen cities. There are still survivors among the ruins – we must take them in our care and cure them.

In order to stay ahead of the plague, we must implement new inventions and technologies. Our influence will expand as we rebuild, but the plague will still lurk in the shadows, ready to strike when we least expect it. Once it does, it will be difficult to adapt, but we will survive. In addition to the procurement of important resources, our imperative will be to get the plague under control.

Fight against the cataclysmic plague and rebuild the once-fallen empire in this strategic euro board game.

Pest is played in 6 rounds. Each round before players take their turn, a plague card will be revealed which shows how the plague will spread in that round. On their turn, players will be able to select among many actions on their player board using a unique action selection system. Thus, players will be able to move their containment team on the board, quarantine and cure infected people, rebuild, assign workers, harvest resources, and more.



  • 1-5 játékos részére
  • 13+ éves kortól
  • kb 60-150 perc játékidő
  • Angol nyelvű szabály a dobozban
  • Nyelvfüggetlen játék
  • Jellemzők: akciópont menedzsment, terület-többség, játék végi bónuszok, események, moduláris tábla, változó játékoserő, munkáslehelyezés – középkori pestis témában



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