4 990 Ft

High, low, left or right? Which way will you send the card in the middle?
Options are shrinking fast. Time for a wild card! First out is the Split winner! Or up the ante: try Cooperative Play.
Shuffle all the cards and deal 7 cards face down to each player. The dealer then takes an extra two cards. The dealer selects the highest and lowest Standard card out of their hand and places them face up with their value showing in the centre of the table. The player to the dealer’s left goes first and play continues clockwise.
You can only play a card with a number that is between the numbers on the two Split piles OR a Wild card. If you cannot play any card from your hand, you have to reset the game.
From then on players will, in turn, have the choice to move the middle card either to the left or to the right, before playing a card of their own in between.
When a player plays their last card the game is over and they’ve won!






  • 2-5 játékos részére
  • 8 éves kortól
  • kb 15 perc játékidő
  • Angol nyelvű szabály a dobozban!
  • Nyelvfüggetlen
  • Jellemzők: kártyajáték



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