• Előrendelheted a PARKS MEMORIES KS játékot - díszdobozban érkezik, és az alapjáték nem szükséges hozzá, hiszen különálló játék, mely kb 2020 szeptemberében érkezik - ebből a játékból csak az előrendelőknek tudok hozni. Még az alapjáték is előrendelhető egy ideig! Includes all three sets of PARKS Memories in the Kickstarter Exclusive Boxed Set. Art for all 62 US National Parks are represented across the three sets. PARKS Memories is a stand alone matching game that should feel instantly familiar while still offering new strategic depth to the genre. Every turn, players reveal two tiles attempting to match park types which grant single use abilities. Then players take one revealed tile into their collection, blocking one other revealed tile with the Hiker. Use your abilities to reveal, reorganize, block, and hide Parks as you seek to collect 3 matching sets before your opponent(s). If you're all in on PARKS Memories, we want to give you a special way to display your love of PARKS. You'll get the same compact feel of PARKS Memories, but with some cool wood vibes on the outside. https://youtu.be/GMQDTVOMsMI   https://youtu.be/v1a4LNRSIj0
  • COUP

    5 990 Ft
    You are head of a family in an Italian city-state, a city run by a weak and corrupt court. You need to manipulate, bluff and bribe your way to power. Your object is to destroy the influence of all the other families, forcing them into exile. Only one family will survive... In Coup, you want to be the last player with influence in the game, with influence being represented by face-down character cards in your playing area. Each player starts the game with two coins and two influence – i.e., two face-down character cards; the fifteen card deck consists of three copies of five different characters, each with a unique set of powers:
    • Duke: Take three coins from the treasury. Block someone from taking foreign aid.
    • Assassin: Pay three coins and try to assassinate another player's character.
    • Contessa: Block an assassination attempt against yourself.
    • Captain: Take two coins from another player, or block someone from stealing coins from you.
    • Ambassador: Draw two character cards from the Court (the deck), choose which (if any) to exchange with your face-down characters, then return two. Block someone from stealing coins from you.
    On your turn, you can take any of the actions listed above, regardless of which characters you actually have in front of you, or you can take one of three other actions:
    • Income: Take one coin from the treasury.
    • Foreign aid: Take two coins from the treasury.
    • Coup: Pay seven coins and launch a coup against an opponent, forcing that player to lose an influence. (If you have ten coins or more, you must take this action.)
    When you take one of the character actions – whether actively on your turn, or defensively in response to someone else's action – that character's action automatically succeeds unless an opponent challenges you. In this case, if you can't (or don't) reveal the appropriate character, you lose an influence, turning one of your characters face-up. Face-up characters cannot be used, and if both of your characters are face-up, you're out of the game. If you do have the character in question and choose to reveal it, the opponent loses an influence, then you shuffle that character into the deck and draw a new one, perhaps getting the same character again and perhaps not. The last player to still have influence – that is, a face-down character – wins the game! A new & optional character called the Inquisitor has been added (currently, the only English edition with the Inquisitor included is the Kickstarter Version from Indie Boards & Cards. Copies in stores may not be the Kickstarter versions and may only be the base game). The Inquisitor character cards may be used to replace the Ambassador cards.
    • Inquisitor: Draw one character card from the Court deck and choose whether or not to exchange it with one of your face-down characters. OR Force an opponent to show you one of their character cards (their choice which). If you wish it, you may then force them to draw a new card from the Court deck. They then shuffle the old card into the Court deck. Block someone from stealing coins from you.
  • It's a manufacturing arms race! Compete against other players as you try to build the most efficient set of factories in the shortest time. You must carefully manage your blueprints, train your workers, and manufacture as many goods as possible in order to achieve industrial dominance! In Fantastic Factories, you race to manufacture the most goods or build the most prestigious buildings. There are elements of dice rolling, worker placement, engine building, resource management, tableau building, simultaneous play, and some card drafting. Each round is split into two phases, the market phase and the work phase. During the market phase, you choose to either acquire a new blueprint for free or pay to hire a contractor. Blueprints are used to construct new factories during the work phase. Contractors can be used to reinforce your strategy by providing resources or allowing you to roll additional dice. You need to be mindful of what cards are available in the marketplace and the strategies your opponents may be pursuing. During the work phase, all players simultaneously roll their dice and use their dice as workers to run factories. Factories start as blueprints and need to be constructed. Once constructed, each factory can be used once each turn. Worker placement can happen in any order and figuring out the correct sequence can enable a powerful chain of actions. Additionally, you can build training facilities that allow you to manipulate the dice values of your workers. Each work phase is like solving a unique worker placement puzzle in order to optimize your output of resources and goods. Once any player has manufactured 12 goods or constructed 10 buildings, the game end is triggered and one additional and final round is played. The player with the most points wins (combination of building prestige and manufactured goods). With over 30 unique blueprints and countless synergies across buildings, each game is unique. Fantastic Factories offers a lot of replay value and satisfaction as players discover new factory engines with each game. https://youtu.be/aFy17SFgvNE
  • Aztec

    5 990 Ft
    Like a modern Indiana Jones, you've managed to break into the accursed temple! But when the time comes to divvy up the treasure, everyone wants as many jewels as they can get, and there's no limit to how low they'll stoop! But don't forget: A real Aztec temple is always stocked with plenty of traps and curses…. Take the jewels in Aztec, and try to avoid the curses so you can collect the most important treasure over the course of five rounds, during which clever bluffing is the key to success. https://youtu.be/P4Tqp0YofNM

    19 990 Ft
    A Brass Birmingham KS deluxe edition 78 db zsetont tartalmazott, az IRON CLAYS kiegészítőben 100 db chip található! A set of 100 Iron Clays in 5 denominations, in a box, initially available as an add-on in the KS for Brass. This set of 100 chips is designed to suit many euro style games. They are also perfect for score tallying or health tracking. Iron Clays 100 are delivered in a sturdy, foil stamped, embossed magnetically sealed box. Within the box, the clays are stored in a stackable plastic tray, allowing them to reside on your game table accessible to you and your opponents. The total bank has a value of 1,640 and includes the following chips: 40x 1 20x 5 10x 10 20x 20 10x 100 https://youtu.be/8EiwnStA77s https://youtu.be/DrCPYyPbh4Y
  • 5 különböző CLAIM playmat csak nálunk - CLAIM, CLAIM2, CLAIM Magic, CLAIM Mercenaries és CLAIM Maps grafikával! Meghalt a király! Mi történhetett? Na, ne firtassuk, senki sem tudja pontosan, mi történt tegnap éjszaka, de reggelre egy boros hordóban találták meg fejjel előre... Szóval, nincs királyunk, bármi is történt, örökösök nélkül távozott, így a Birodalom 5 frakciójára maradt a feladat, hogy megválasszák az új királyt: téged vagy az ellenfeled. Vajon képes leszel elnyerni a Birodalom frakcióinak támogatását?    
  • A CLAIM egy gyors, mindössze 25 perc hosszú, taktikus és szórakoztató kártyajáték, melyben meg kell győznünk a frakciókat, hogy bennünket támogassanak, vagyis mi legyünk az új király: Goblinok, Lovagok, Élőhalottak, Törpök, Alakváltók, Gnómok, Óriások, Sárkányok, Trollok és  Látnokok és megannyi bájos fantasy lény… és mindez kedves, humoros grafikával! A CLAIM 2 új szabályainak köszönhetően már 3-4 játékos is játszhatja a kártyajátékot! Meghalt a király! Mi történhetett? Na, ne firtassuk, senki sem tudja pontosan, mi történt tegnap éjszaka, de reggelre egy boros hordóban találták meg fejjel előre... Szóval, nincs királyunk, bármi is történt, örökösök nélkül távozott, így a Birodalom 5 frakciójára maradt a feladat, hogy megválasszák az új királyt: téged vagy az ellenfeled. Vajon képes leszel elnyerni a Birodalom frakcióinak támogatását? Van két különleges promó pack is a játékhoz, melyet csak nálunk találsz meg: SÖTÉT ELFEK - promó kártyák - KLIKK! SZELLEMEK - promó kártyák - KLIKK! És CLAIM és CLAIM 2 már pocket méretben, fémdobozban is kapható a webshopban! A CLAIM kártyajáték Univerzuma 5 pakli kártyából áll, de a játékhoz elegendő a CLAIM vagy a CLAIM 2 paklit megszerezni, viszont a Claim, a Claim 2 és a Claim Erősítés játékokat kombinálhatjuk egymással, így a kártyapaklit új összeállításokban is használhatjuk a játékok során. Különleges játékélmény felfedezni a különböző frakciók egymásra gyakorolt hatásait, ráadásul a játék akár 3-4 személlyel is játszható ezután! A teljes CLAIM Univerzumot itt megtalálod akciósan - KLIKK! A CLAIM egy gyors, mindössze 25 perc hosszú, taktikus és szórakoztató kártyajáték, melyben a következő frakciókat kell meggyőznünk, hogy bennünket támogassanak, vagyis mi legyünk az új király: Goblinok, Lovagok, Törpök, Élőhalottak és Hasonmások... és mindez kedves, humoros grafikával! https://youtu.be/uGk4LZ0RaiM https://youtu.be/LktEpDE4I_Q https://youtu.be/Ii38NR8VNd0 https://youtu.be/GUiTaw5fB20

    9 790 Ft
    Your village has been overrun by savage werewolves, which are represented by the number on each of the cards that make up your village. To get rid of these fanged fiends faster than the neighboring villages, use your residents' special abilities and your powerful secret weapon: a silver amulet. Call for a vote when you think you have the fewest werewolves, but be careful; everyone else gets one more turn to save their own village first... Silver is a fast and engaging traditional card game with a werewolf twist! Everyone starts the game with five face-down cards, with everyone being able to see two cards of their choice. Cards are numbered 0-13, with the number showing how many werewolves the character on that card attracts, and each character (number) has a different special power. On a turn, you draw the top card of the deck or discard pile, then either discard it to use the power of the card (but only if it came from the deck), discard it without using the power (ditto), or replace one or more of your face-down cards with this card; you can replace multiple cards only if they bear the same number, and you must reveal the cards to prove this, being penalized if you're wrong. Silver can be played as a standalone game or combined with Silver Bullet or other Silver decks. Each version of the game has different card abilities. https://youtu.be/lCsZCrgJxOk
  • Tang Garden

    19 990 Ft
    ... az utóbbi idők egyik legkomolyabb KS sikere megérkezett a webshopba...közel 11.000 játékos támogatta a játékot. Az első hullám elfogyott... előrendelhető, legközelebb előreláthatólag július végén, augusztus elején érkezik be... The Tang dynasty was considered the first golden age of the classical and now iconic Chinese gardens. Emperor Xuanzong built the magnificent imperial Garden of the Majestic Clear Lake as an homage of life itself and from where he ruled. Players will act as Imperial Garden Designers and they will be called to build the most incredible garden while balancing the elements of Nature. Tang Garden is a Zen-like game that will take you to the first golden age of China, where players will progressively build a garden by creating the landscape, placing the scenery and projecting their vision through vertical panoramas. During the construction, noblemen will visit the garden to admire the surroundings and the way the natural elements coexist in the most breathtaking scenery humankind has ever laid their eyes upon. Players will take turns by playing one of the two actions available in the game: 1) Placing tiles and matching the elements to increase their personal nature balance and unlock more character miniatures. By balancing the nature elements on the player boards, players will attract new characters into the garden. On each player turn, if the elements are balanced, the player will have to choose one miniature from the ones available and finally decide which one of the characters will be placed in the garden, orienting them towards their favorite background, while keeping the other with you to keep exploiting its ability. 2) Draw decoration cards and place one on the board to get prestige by completing collections. Players will draw a quantity of cards based on the board situation and choose one to keep. Players will then have to place the chosen decoration in one of the available spots in the garden, creating a unique and seamless scenario that will never be the same. During the game, by placing tiles on special parts of the board, you will be able to place a panorama tile, a new element that adds a never ending perspective for the visitors. Both small and big panoramas will be placed perpendicularly to the board by attaching it to the board insert by creating a seamless look on the four sides of the board. The Panoramas will interact with the characters at the end of the game by giving prestige points based on what your visitor sees and likes. At the end of the game, the player with the most prestige will be the winner. https://youtu.be/HBS5c0G4zlA  

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