✅ Vivid Memories KS

14 990 Ft

A game of collecting and connecting memories — how you remember them is everything!

Every stick is a sword. Every bike is a steed. Every memory is a possibility.

In Vivid Memories, you’ll take turns collecting fragments of childhood memories, weaving a tapestry of colored threads in your mind. Throughout your journey, you’ll store important moments in your memory bank — gaining new abilities to help you score.

Cleverly create connections and earn rewards for completing core memories, matching the imagination behind each moment, and working toward your lifelong aspirations for victory.


During the game, players take turns collecting fragments of memories from moment tiles, placing them in their „brain” board to weave a tapestry of colored threads. Using abilities at the end of each round to cleverly create connections, players are rewarded for how they store memory fragments while working toward completing “core memories”, which give repeated benefits each round. Through their journey, players store important moments in their memory bank — gaining new abilities and new opportunities to score — all while working to collect fragments and moments that match what they aspire to be.




  • 2-4 játékos részére
  • 13 éves kortól
  • kb 30 – 45 perc játékidő
  • Angol nyelvű szabály a dobozban!
  • Jellemzők: absztrakt, stratégia játék, draftolás, út- és hálózatépítés, KS kiadás



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